Sweet Dream 8oz Case Of 16 – Pooches Aromas ™
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Sweet Dream<br/>8oz<br/>Case Of 16

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Sweet Dream
Case Of 16

Included: 16pcs Of Eight-Ounce Bottles (Wholesale Price $5.5 Each).

Description: A blend of florals & fruits make this a playful & appealing blend. Top notes of lily, apple, sweet marjoram & orange intertwine with a heart mixed with berries & red currant while amber & vanilla create a soft warm background.

All Pooches Aromas Products Are: Vegan and created with Dog-Safe Ingredients: Natural Grain SD 40, Purified Water, and Essential O i l s.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Made In USA.

Suggested Retail Price: Eight-Ounce Bottle (MSRP $12 to $15).


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