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About Us

Body Spray

Our Roots

Pooches Aromas is an original and exquisite line of body sprays for dogs created by our team of seasoned essential O i l and pet care experts, who are knowledgeable regarding best practices in caring for our furry friends. With over 14 years in the pet industry, we noticed that there was a major need for safe, high-quality and long-lasting scents for pet owners to confidently manage the day-to-day grooming of their pooches. Our experts had seen it all and tried many products while working closely with pet stores, veterinarians, and grooming salons. People always want the best for their pets. Aerosols were not an effective or safe option and surfactant-based products may leave soap-like residue on fur. There was a clear void in terms of ensuring that consumers could apply pleasant scents to the pups in their lives without harming them.

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Our story

Our Passion

Pooches Aromas provides pet owners a line of six affordable, high-quality and unique dog body sprays that have been carefully crafted through the combination of three simple ingredients: essential o i ls, distilled water, and 100% Natural Grain SD40; the same ingredient that is used to produce skin-safe beauty products such as lipstick. When sprayed, the purified alcohol dissipates quickly, stabilizing the mixture of natural essential o i l s while preserving its pleasing aroma. Our exclusive formulations deliver rich and delightful body sprays that showcase the natural aromas of the fruit and plant based essential o i l s we use. Essential o i l s also deliver long-lasting scents as well as a calming effect on dogs. They also give Pooches Aromas scents a long-lasting shelf life because the longer essential o i l s are stored, the more potent and durable the scents will be.

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Our Promise

The Pooches Aromas team is comprised of experienced and certified pet care specialists who are subject matter experts, allowing us to ensure that our products will meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. We have tested each body spray within our current collection and it’s very gratifying when pet owners pick up their pets, groomed using Pooches Aromas, and their first reaction is to inquire about the stunning aroma emanating from their dog. It is our experience that once you try Pooches Aromas, you will always want to apply one of our unique scents to your furry baby. Our body sprays will become part of your everyday pet grooming routine.

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