Pooches Aromas is a collection of six exquisite and affordable doggy sprays created by seasoned essential oil and pet care experts, who are advocates for best care giving practices and safe products for our furry friends.

The Pooches AromasCollection

Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, Sulfate Free, Aerosol Free,
Surfactant Free, and Cruelty Free. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Starting at $2 per bottle

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Pooches Aromas dog body sprays are carefully crafted using three simple ingredients: plant essential oils, distilled water, and 100% natural grain alcohol SD40; the same ingredient that is used to produce skin-safe beauty products such as lipstick.

Proven Excellence

Anthony Milazzo, 3rd generation owner of a 60-year-old family run
business, explains why his groomers and customers use Pooches Aromas.

Dog parents choose Pooches Aromas to keep their furry babies healthy
and smelling delicious!

Jean Bolanos, owner of DogMom pet groomer uses Pooches Aromas
because of their safe ingredients and because dog owners love the smell!

How it works:

When sprayed, the natural grain alcohol dissipates quickly, stabilizing the mixture of natural fruit and plant based essential oils we use. The result is an array of moisture-balanced rich and unique body sprays.

Essential oils deliver long-lasting scents as well as a calming effect on dogs. They also give Pooches Aromas body sprays a long-lasting shelf life because the longer essential oils are stored, the more potent and durable the scents will be.

Why choose us

Your customers will adore their dog’s pleasant new scent. The Pooches Aromas team is comprised of experienced and certified pet care specialists who are subject matter experts, allowing us to ensure that our products will meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. We have tested each fragrance within our current collection and it’s very gratifying when pet owners pick up their pets, groomed using Pooches Aromas, and their first reaction is to inquire about the stunning scent emanating from their dog.

With over 14 years in the pet industry, we noticed that there was a major need for safe, high-quality and long-lasting scents for pet owners to confidently manage the day-to-day grooming of their pooches. Our experts had seen it all and tried many products while working closely with pet stores, shelters, veterinarians, and running a very busy grooming salon. People always want the best for their pets, and aerosols were not an effective or safe option. There was a clear void in terms of ensuring that consumers could apply pleasant scents to the pups in their lives without harming them.

It is our experience that once you try Pooches Aromas, you will always want to apply one of our unique scents to your furry baby. Our body sprays will become part of your everyday pet grooming routine.

Tiny investment. Huge results.

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