Flirty Floral 2oz Case Of 16 – Pooches Aromas ™
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Flirty Floral<br/>2oz<br/>Case Of 16

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Flirty Floral
Case Of 16

Included: 16pcs Of Two-Ounce Bottles (Wholesale Price $2 Each).

Description: This aromatic scent opens with dazzling lemon, lavender and juicy pineapple. Fresh ginger blends with green leafy nuances and cardamom to give the body spray its bright and dynamic heart. This creation finishes with warm full-bodied notes of tonka bean, cedarwood, patchouli and sandalwood with amber and musk.

All Pooches Aromas Products Are: Vegan and created with Dog-Safe Ingredients: Natural Grain SD 40, Purified Water, and Essential O i l s.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Made In USA.

.  Suggested Retail Price: Two-Ounce Bottle (MSRP $5 to $7).


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